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Working with design agency Mytton Williams.


Our partnership with Mytton Williams and St. Mary’s university includes many types of video content.


We love how our relationship with Mytton Williams formed, and the work it has lead to in supporting their clients. We have worked with the marketing team at the university on a number of projects, bringing motion to their print and online campaigns.


This video was created as part of their ‘Think Clearly’ campaign, and the team at MW had worked on some fantastic visuals. We brought the visuals to life in this short video which was used in an ad campaign on and on social media.


We’ve produced many videos to promote the university and we love focusing on the experience of individual students - because we find that people connect best with people. This overview video was accompanied by three videos focussing on different aspect of the university.


We have produced videos for various departments within the university. With videos like this, where there is a lot of information to be presented alongside images, we create a branded device (or template) two facilitate the transitions and keep the audience engaged.


This was something a bit different, and we loved every minute of it. To promote one of the sports faculties, the idea was to follow the journey of the programme director - Phil - as he prepared to climb the highest peak in Europe. This is one of seven videos in the series.


We’d love to work with you long-term, creating content that connects with your existing and unreached audience.